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We supply and install hardwearing warehouse flooring that can handle all your day-to-day operational needs and meet health and safety requirements with ease.

In a commercial or industrial property, preventing accidents is of the utmost importance. The right kind of flooring can make a huge difference to safety and can make operations at your premises much safer. At Solidfloorings, we supply and high-quality Saudi Made epoxy Material.warehouse flooring for almost any application. Keep your employees away from harm with durable, low maintenance flooring that exceeds the required safety standards.

Working with both pump screeds and resin floor systems we provide warehouse flooring for both light industrial use and also for areas with heavy forklift traffic and machinery. Whether you need to replace an existing warehouse floor or simply want to add a new surface coating, we can help.


Options include:

  • Seamless wall to floor resin floors for optimum hygiene.
  • Pump screed up to twice as tough as concrete, suitable for heavy machinery and forklift traffic.
  • Smooth and even floor surfaces for efficient forklift operations.
  • Quick-to-apply flooring systems for minimum disruption.
  • Outdoor flooring for public and work areas.
  • Anti-slip safety flooring and coatings.
  • Line marking and safety symbols.
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