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Backed by the sound state-of-art infrastructure, we offer Semi Precious Stone Mosaic. We are equipped with sophisticated domestic manufacturing system with highly developed pieces of machinery that ensures flawless products. Our products are well known for its stunning designs and also can be easily fixed on the floors and upstairs footsteps. This stone mosaic is available in All Natural color and moreover, they are well resistant to stains.

Manufacturer Semi Precious Stone Tiles The Future Kraft Company has an array of beautiful decorative precious stones for interiors in Homes, Hotels, Bars, Aircrafts, Yachts, Cruise and much more. Precious stones previously used for cufflinks and other jewelry now you can decorate your bathrooms, drawing and dining places, kitchen, bedrooms, offices with these spectacular minerals. In the global interior design industry, Future Kraft Company represents a new breed of creative, extraordinary, unique and hard to find semi-precious stones and expertise to meet the demands of a discerning and distinguished clientele.

With stones from countries such as South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia etc. Future Kraft Company brings to the stone industry a different kind of luxury. We have executed various exciting projects interiors with semi-precious stones. India’s most distinctive company, Future Kraft Company offers a wide range of designs including semi-precious stone sinks for bathrooms and even hand designed coasters done with the same semi-precious stone as your tabletop and kitchen counter. With a pool of international engineers and interior design professionals, Future Kraft Company had spread new dimensions for interior luxury all over the world about their unusual, masterpieces for your precious health & prosperity. The stones are so beautiful that certain clients frame the stones interior design in order to hang them on their wall as nature’s artwork.


Future Kraft Company is equipped with Modern Technology and ideas for generating evolution in the luxury interiors worldwide. We have been cherished for being specialized business group in combining Natural Stones (i.e. Granite, Marble), Honeycomb Aluminum, Ceramics, Glass, Resin Epoxy with Gemstones & Seashells (i.e. Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Sodalite, Malachite, Tiger Iron, Jasper, Agates, Quartz, Moonshell, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Black lip etc.) by the prevailing modus operandi and having considerable variety of quality products.


Why Customize


Some projects deserve the personal, creative, & artistic touch of art on ceramic tiles or simply require handmade tiles. The versatility & dependability of art on tiles ensures that you get the type of ceramic tile design you need.


Transform Design

Using a range of techniques our custom tile design service transforms tiles into an elegant and striking surface. Each tile is individually handcrafted with gemstone and tested to produce a custom tile collection that is imaginative and resounds with color and design.

Application Types


Many clients use custom tile design on borders and ceramic tiles murals, kitchens, children’s rooms, living rooms, recreation areas, bathrooms, patios, retail receptions, restaurants, floors, walls, countertops, fireplace facades, pool areas, and fountains. Let our custom ceramic tiles studio bring out the best in your home decor, home, apartment or commercial premises and be unique. Just simply call us for more information and once we define your requirements we can source all design work and even provide the tiling to ensure all is mounted to the needs of your premises.


Enhance Your floor or surface with semi-precious stone tile design


There is no doubt that a custom surface, especially those used in kitchens and traditional retail environments, can really make a room feel rich. Plus with the variety of colors that glaze from around the world provide you have a great choice. Custom designs can also be made from photos, pictures, and your own art. Either way, Tile Supply Solutions can provide all your requirements.

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